The Stylish Wedding Company specialise in creating stunning and memorable weddings. With a huge range of d├ęcor hire products and the expertise of our qualified stylists and florists, we can capture even your wildest dreams and turn them into reality! We help our couples to style their wedding day and ensure that it is a visual masterpiece that their guests will comment on for years to come.

We can cater to any sized wedding and know exactly how to create the atmosphere you are looking for. From large-scale extravaganzas to intimate, low-key ceremonies, we put in the same amount of care and attention so that every single wedding is beautiful in its own right. We are true perfectionists through and through and agonise over every little detail. With us, you can always be confident that we will invest our full energy into your special day.

The Stylish Wedding Company absolutely adore all things wedding related and as such, spend our spare time perusing bridal magazines and seeking out exciting new items. We love investing in new products and take pride in staying abreast of all the latest trends. We can guarantee that whatever theme or style you are considering, be that Rustic, Romantic, Glitzy, Vintage or Classic, we have everything you could wish for and know how to put your wedding together to make it completely stand-out. Our range now extends to chair covers and sashes, backdrops, draping, flowerwalls, centrepieces, accessories and lighting, to name a few!

So whether you have already started wedding planning and need an extra helping hand, are short on time or just have no idea where to start, we can help you to bring everything together and create a polished and spectacular wedding!