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The New Year always brings about lots of fresh starts and changes, whether it be to get to the gym more often or attempt to save some money each month. For us, however, it has started with a BANG and it really has been a case of out with the old and in with the new!

And so we find ourselves at the start of 2019 with a brand new, sparkly website that we’ve been working tirelessly to perfect (we are sticklers for detail!). It’s so important to us that our website reflects who we are, what we do and what we love and so this time around, we’ve grabbed the opportunity with both hands and have used it as a chance to truly inject our personality and hopefully demonstrate a clear and strong brand to our clients.

Choosing our logos:

The biggest job for us was re-designing our logo. Ultimately, we were designing something that will stick with us for many years to come, so in some respects it felt like quite a responsibility to really nail it!

We knew we wanted something fresh, modern and feminine but with a magpie-like attraction to all things pretty, it was a harder task whittling them down to just one than we anticipated! Eventually, we settled on some beautiful rose-gold calligraphy and set about constructing it into polished logo. We also commissioned a second, smaller logo that could be used for more concise things like business cards and let’s be honest – social media – where we all need a killer profile picture!

Choosing our Colour Palette:

We also wanted our website to have visual cohesion and for the colours to reflect us and our work. It would have been super easy to use wedding favourites like blush pink or cream, because we know they work beautifully and no doubt, it would have been a pretty website. And yet, when we think about it, the times that we are truly excited as stylists is when we get to play around with ‘out there’ colours and shades that you’d think wouldn’t necessarily go together at first glance. So we started to put together a moodboard of all the colours we love and attempted to create something that really drew us in and spoke to us. We spent many an hour perusing Pinterest, looking at all the wonderful images and the product was this….

From here, we could see an obvious theme developing and were able to further focus our ideas into a clear colour palette of rusty tones, fresh blues and delicate natural hues. We absolutely adore it and feel like it represents us: Feminine weddings but with a twist!